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“When you drink water, think of the source.” – Si Yuan

Education is a lifetime process, we are extremely lucky that some of the people who have come before us and spent their lifetime mastering an art are ready and willing to pass it onto us. This way, we are able to receive this knowledge over a condensed period of time. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years, each generation of practitioners building upon the knowledge of the previous one… and here I am (even if I doubt that the stone I would bring to the edifice would be bigger than a grain of sand).

As with any arts and sciences, there are many schools of thoughts, on this page I would just like to express the profound gratitude I have for my teachers. Although it is always great to learn from the bests, what matters is that each of my teachers genuinely help and care for many people, entire families, giving their best to make lives better.
Very often, they are the last hope for people suffering from aggravating symptoms from diseases and conditions that clinical tests do not pick up or that western medicine cannot treat effectively yet, preventing them from living a normal autonomous and healthy life.

Here are the people I have studied under and who I take my inspiration from, more information about them is included on their respective websites:


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
Phil Lawes – Academy of Oriental Medicine

Phil Lawes - Academy of Oriental Medicine

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
Priti Heath – Academy of Oriental Medicine


Balance Method Acupuncture
Delphine Armand – Si Yuan

Delphine Armand - Si Yuan

Traditional Chinese Cupping
Ilkay Chirali




Tui Na, Fubu Anmo, Dao Yin, Qi Gong, Cranial Balancing
Graham Chandler – Academy of Oriental Medicine

Graham Chandler - Academy of Oriental Medicine





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