Cupping is a medicinal art at least as ancient as acupuncture. From the use of animal horns, still found in some countries in Africa and other parts of the world, to the bamboo, glass, rubber or silicon cups used today, this therapy is used across all continents.

Its worldwide use is proof of the simplicity and effectiveness of the technique. Cupping is usually something that would be passed down through generations within families. Although it is now mainly done by qualified therapists, I often hear people remembering getting cupping from their grandmother.

There is a great variety of cupping technique, the main purpose being the creation of a vacuum inside the cup to create a succion effect. For more detail I would invite you to go check the following book by Ilkay Zihni Chirali called Cupping Therapy.

The succion effect will pull the muscle away from the bones and relax it, it will also pull up the toxins and free any heat that is trapped in the body. Cupping is a very effective and relaxing treatment.

For more information on cupping therapy, please read my blog article!



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