Treatments & FAQ

At Yggdrasil, we like to consider the people in their entirety and examine the condition they come in for from every angle. For this reason, we will discuss together the most suitable treatment for you to achieve maximum effect and relaxation.

Acupuncture can help with:

  • Muscle and joint pains (tendinitis, back pain, knee pain, …)
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Diabetes (helps with stability and complications)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Women’s Health (menopause, infertility, miscarriage recovery…)
  • and many more …

What treatment will I receive?
Although acupuncture is currently the main tool with which I treat people, treatment methods vary from patient to patient, including other modalities such as acupressure, cupping and moxibustion.
Based on your condition and complaints, I will select one or a combination of the above so as to reach the optimal effect.

How many sessions will I need?
One session is often enough to observe a significant improvement of the condition. However for more serious or chronic conditions such as IBS, fibromyalgia, asthma, chronic heartburn, thyroid conditions, chronic fatigue and aggravated sciatica can take between 3 to 10 sessions to recede and stabilise.
Usually, a very positive result is achieved by the 6th session.

Talking about conditions, what can you treat?
With all the tools and techniques at my disposal, it is possible for me to treat both acute and chronic conditions (even going back 20 years!) whether they are structural (bone, muscle and tendons) or internal (organ dysfunction, emotional imbalance). Usually, most condition will include a structural, internal and mental aspect; which Oriental medicine is great at treating all at once.

How often will I need a session?
The frequency of the treatments will depend on the severity of the condition and its progression pace. Ideally, each subsequent session needs to be arranged before the condition returns near its pre-treatment level.
Concretely, based on your condition, this can mean a set of several sessions within a week, with a control session two weeks, then a month later, a session every other week over the span of two-three months or a session every month.
NB: Conditions are usually triggered by our lifestyles and therefore will return with time, unless drastic changes are made by the patient.

How long does a session lasts?
The first session for new patients lasts 1 hours, this is for me to gather some key medical history for which acupuncture and the use of some complementary treatments might be contra-indicated or for which precautions need to be taken (pregnancy, blood diseases, pacemaker, organ transplant…) .
Subsequent sessions will last approximately 1 hour with usually 45 minutes of treatment and 10 minutes of update and diagnosis.

What should I expect following a session?
Although immediate relief should be felt right after the first session, the treatment usually takes up to 72 hours to stabilise. In this time, depending on your condition you may experience a temporary worsening of the symptoms or various pains and aches. This is the time needed for your body to re-balance itself following what is initiated during the treatment.

Any homework?
Patients are welcome to provide their feedback during the week following the treatment, usually once the 72 hours have passed, they can also leave a review on the Yggdrasil Acupuncture Facebook page.
Based on the diagnostic and possible identified causes triggering the condition, the patient will be invited to investigate ways of changing their lifestyles so as to minimise the risk of the condition worsening or re-occurring.

How much is a session?
Currently operating individual appointments only, the first session is £50, with the subsequent session being at £40. This reasonable rate enables patients to receive the appropriate number of sessions. Acupuncture and alternative medicines are too often viewed as a luxury, when they should be made available to the greatest number of people. Very efficient for pain and many conditions left untreated by western medicine, Oriental medicine is a great way towards a better, more balanced life.

What tool do you use in your treatments?
To discover the tools I use, I invite you to click on the specific treatment modalities available when hovering your mouse over “Treatment”.
For simplicity I have also listed the links below:

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