TCM Online Consultation

Have you seen every GP and specialist, gone through all the clinical tests without any result, and are still in pain or not feeling well?

Are you always busy running everywhere without time to care care of yourself and more so, of your health?

⇒ If you answered “YES” to the above or have another reason, you have come to the right place.

This is an online consultation service by Yggdrasil Acupuncture providing access to a better understanding of your health and clear advice to improve it.

Get in touch by email

What to expect from the online consultation using Traditional Chinese Medicine?

  • A clear diagnosis and understanding of your current health
  • Practical recommendation and advice on lifestyle & diet
  • Referrals to reliable health practitioners in your area if needed

After your message is sent:

  • We will schedule a facebook messenger or skype call
  • I will ask you about your symptoms and a high quality picture of your tongue
  • I will elaborate the diagnosis and share the first findings with you
  • After the payment of £50 is received I will share a synthetic file with the summary of symptoms, diagnosis, principle of treatment, diet & lifestyle and therapists recommendations.

“Quite an amazing diagnosis, very close to reality, my eating habits and my lifestyle.Valuable advice and reassuring support! Go for it!”

This service is offered by Yggdrasil Acupuncture in order to advise you on your general health, diet and lifestyle. It is not aimed at replacing the opinion of your usual GP or physician. The healthcare professionals listed following the consultation are given as an indication only. Yggdrasil Acupuncture cannot commit to an obligation of result regarding their treatments.

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