Previous patients have already expressed how they felt after a treatment, why not become one of them? – all are taken from Yggdrasil Acupuncture Facebook¬†page –

“I have had a very sore right fourth finger for about 6 months. I ignored it to no avail, and it got worse. I then tried acupuncture by a master, Paul Roger, who treated my left foot and leg. It is now a week later and I have no pain left, and the swelling is gone. I am amazed and grateful. I had acupuncture about 10 years ago from a backyard mechanic physio, and it was useless. No doubts left, because I found an expert x”

Elsabe, for pain in the finger

“Wow Paul I’ve been having severe problems with my right shoulder and restrictive movement causing myself severe pain and unrest. After just having my 1st treatment an experience of high professionalism and customer care Paul made me feel very comfortable and was focused and sincere. I now have 95% mobility in my shoulder and relief, but this is just the start as it is a process & elimination to heal. Thank you my dear friend I look forward to our next experience with more Nordic music and laughs. I highly recommend Paul.”

Lee, for shoulder pain

“Great person, great service and great treatment of my aching joints!”

Asia, for aching joints

“Very good and relaxing experience. Comforted by communication throughout the procedure. Came out feeling relaxed and loosened up.
Definitely would recommend this experience!”

Tim, for back muscle pain & tightness

“Second time I’ve entrusted my beaten up body to Paul and second time I was repaired, revitalised and relaxed (I’ve managed to fall asleep during the session ūüėČ ) I recommend Yggdrasil Acupuncture to everybody, fighter or not

Bjorn, for general maintenance

“I’ve seen Paul twice so far, having sought help after a miscarriage. Paul is very professional and really cares about his patients. Both treatments have been exceptional and have really helped me. Highly recommended.”

Emily, for miscarriage recovery

“I’ve had problems with my knee for months now and after my session with Paul I could actually move it without being in agony. I’ve got so much done since and definitely feel I need another session soon.”

Nina, for pain in shoulder and knee

“Thanks guys for your help relieving the pain in my Achilles tendons last night. First pain free day for several weeks today. Much appreciated.

Magnus, for achille’s tendinitis

Amazing ! I had a huge problem of stress ( my back and my neck were blocked ) Paul really took the time to listen to me but most important he took the time to explain everything he did. Nothing magic, everything is logic! I usually never feel anything ( any effect ) but I have to admit that this time was incredible !! I was completely relaxed which feels weird for me !!
No doubt that Paul is passionate about people and about their well being !
Do not hesitate just try !!

Mylene, for stress and back pain

“Having never had acupuncture before I didn’t know what to expect. Now I have had several sessions with Paul and can’t recommend him enough! From physical, mental and metaphysical ailments, he always treats with the same calm professionalism & insightful intelligence. The benefits after treatment have always been positive in many different ways.”

Ema, for structural pain & re-balancing


“Discovery of acupuncture.
Sceptical about such practices as osteopathy, I let myself be convinced by a very relevant diagnosis.¬†I had knee surgery in June and was still feeling discomfort when my leg remained bent for some time.¬†Treatment accelerated recovery and today the pain¬†greatly decreased!¬†Thank you Paul!¬†This was an educational acupuncture session with many explanations during the course of the session!¬†I recommend of course!”

Alexis, for knee pain after surgery


“It was the second time I’d been seen by Paul and this time had my legs treated and felt great after. Special thanks to Paul as it was very late at night and still took the time to treat me. In short it was bloody great!”

Mike, for pain in the lower back, hands and knees


“I really feel at ease in the session and after I felt some really great results.”

Jack, for muscle pain in the shoulders and arms


“After the session I felt really good and relaxed. Even after a couple of days some residual pain I had in my shoulder is still gone, so that’s awesome. I recommend it and I’ll try again for sure!”

Rosa, for tension in the neck and pain in the back and right arm


“I must say I felt amazing next day like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders I feel energized and relaxed at the same time”

Amy, for tension in the neck and back

“I recommend this wonderful initiative, I have¬†received two acupuncture sessions which helped me feel better, I think this young student will become a very good professional.”

Angelica, for hypertension and pain in the arm


“I had many sessions already and it really improved my health!”

Eva, for hypothyroidism


“I benefited from two positive sessions for my health. Beautiful human and professional qualities. I recommend it !”

Catherine, for back pain and stress


“Thanks a lot for the treatment, I felt so much more relaxed and energetic afterwards. Absolutely brilliant!”

Uta, for arm and lower back pain


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