Who should get acupuncture?

Here are some examples of people who can benefit from acupuncture…


Overworked mums
Acupuncture can help you relax, provide you with some YOU time and be a portal to serenity, away from the turmoil of daily life. To extend your serenity space to your home, why not bring your partner or kids along for a session?

Menopaused womenmenopause
If you feel like someone is playing with the thermostat night & day, if night sweats and confused thoughts are your daily companions, you are going to love acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are wonderful tools to regulate the human body as it acts on all physiological, physical, and mental levels.

workerManual workers
Being in uncomfortable positions all day long and straining your body every day can be detrimental to your health and to the quality and effectiveness of your job. If you have back pain from being bent over or neck pain from looking up all the time, acupuncture can help you relieve these pains in a durable fashion.

If you are looking to enhance your performance or recover swiftly from an injury, acupuncture can help you. Locally, it stimulates blood flow and cell generation, distally it has a powerful analgesic and balancing effect. Receiving regular acupuncture sessions between trainings or before competitions can prevent injuries to happen in the first place.

If you see yourself there, get in touch to benefit from a life-changing treatment!

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