Meet your acupuncturist


Paul Roger Acupuncturist

Paul is a qualified acupuncturist, member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners, currently based in Caterham, Surrey.

He carries a deep passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine and a genuine care for all of his patients. His mission is to help them get rid of their pains, discomforts and stresses so that they can make the most out of their life and enjoy it to the fullest. Result-driven, he keeps studying the various forms of acupuncture in addition to pursuing a diploma in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Originally from Normandy, France, Paul settled in the UK with his wife in October 2012 and has remained there ever since.
Being from an Economics and Marketing background, studying in Le Havre, Montreal, Edinburgh and Lyon between 2007 and 2012, it was not until the summer 2015 that Paul decided to really make a difference in the world one person at a time through healing.

With an instinct for reading human bodies and an interest for shamanism, Paul enrolled in a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Oriental Medicine from which he graduated in April 2017.
Wanting to extend his knowledge about this millennia-old technique, Paul attended the Foundation track of the SiYuan Balance Method Acupuncture in Paris in May 2017, which unveiled yet another way of practicing acupuncture, providing patients with instant results.

The name Yggdrasil Acupuncture came about as a way of merging the Norse and Oriental influences present in Paul’s life into a coherent whole. Yggdrasil being the Norse Tree of Life, it bears strong connections to healing and shamanism.

In addition, Paul is a Drengr (warrior) of the Jomsborg organisation, attached to the Ulflag and considers himself a modern viking. With their companions, he and his wife campaign throughout the UK and Europe, re-enacting life and battles of the viking age around 800-1200.


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