Acupuncture in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life changing journey for a woman who decides to have a child. Through this 40-week journey, their body undergoes great physical and physiological changes. In order to remain in peak shape, they will need the help of their partner, family, friends… and of some therapists.

As an acupuncturist, due to a lack of awareness and understanding from the mainstream medical profession, we get warned that treating women with acupuncture could be risky as any miscarriage could be blamed on us rather than natural causes or interventions from the GP or midwife.

However, as I now have a really cute and awesome 6 week-old daughter, I can assure you that the pregnancy and labour of my wife would not have been the same without me treating her on a (very) regular basis.

What did I treat?

  • In the first 3 months: nausea (the famous!), anxiety & stress…
  • From 3 to 6 months: digestive disorders (everything gets compressed)
  • From 6 to 9 months: digestive disorders, water retention, back pain…
  • From 37 weeks: preparatory treatment to make labour more effective
  • During labour: back pain, vaginal pain, contraction pain
  • Post labour: exhaustion, digestive disorders, stress, post-labour pains…
    • Also treated her hips, pelvis, lower back and sacrum using Chinese Manual Therapy.

What I could have also treated:

  • Miscarriage recovery (helping the person recover physically and mentally)
  • Breach baby (turning the baby in the right position)


For most of the conditions, the system of acupuncture I use (Balance Method Acupuncture) grants instant results from the 1st needle. And my wife had an easy and glowing pregnancy!

The part that was done without needling was during the labour, where I mainly used acupressure (nobody likes to have a needle in when experiencing extreme muscle contractions). During this time, all back and vaginal pain were instantly reduced by 80%. Only the contraction pain got reduced by only 30% – 40%, which was still stronger than what my wife got from the gas and air (and no secondary effect!!! – as I had to also treat her on the spot for feeling sick, still with acupressure).

In the end, we managed to get a straightforward (although exhausting) birth with and rapid recovery. The baby was very healthy (APGAR score at 9!) and has been very strong and awake from day 1.

I plan to run workshops for pregnant women in Surrey on these two topics where they will learn, along with their birth partner how to use acupressure to get instant relief from pain and other symptoms during pregnancy and labour.

Thank you for reading, I will come back with a more detailed article later on!




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