Getting out there…as an Acupuncturist

On November 18th and 19th I went to my first fair as an exhibitor. The fair was organised by Holistic + Mystic around themes like wellness, healing, relaxation and psychic readings.

Holistic & Mystic

(WARNING: Rant mode ON!!!) – joking, I don’t really rant ^^

Some of my colleagues might not take it well when acupuncture, which is a medicine gets associated with new age psychic environment. However, if you are not going to promote acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine there, where else do you promote it?

Indeed I have done a few fairs and trade show (as visitor) and not an acupuncturist was in sight…I was actually the first and only acupuncturist to exhibit at this event.

To dress the picture, people in the UK are a lot more familiar with reiki, yoga, hands-on healing, sound bathing and crystal therapy than with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

So if you do not promote acupuncture outside of your circle of local acupuncturists, where else? I have not seen fairs around Chinese medicine, qigong and acupuncture either…

As any TCM practitioner will say, this medicine has ways of healing and relaxing the body of an incredible effectiveness (instant pain relief, prevent falling sick, nerve regeneration…); however the general public is absolutely not aware of it and only has a vague notion of what TCM can do for them!

Fuelling the fire of dry needling vs acupuncture, people tend to consider acupuncture as the dry needling done by physiotherapists and osteopaths, which is only 5% of the whole medicine as they do not do any diagnosis either in term of Zang-Fu organs or meridians.

One woman, who had a bad experience with acupuncture from a physio was really struck when i told her about the diagnosis and everything sitting behind the insertion of needles in the skin. She found it so interesting that she decided to interview me for her podcast!

(Rant Mode OFF)

In any case, this show was a really good first experience. I was not sure how TCM and acupuncture was going to be received, but since I did nine sessions on the Saturday and seven on the Sunday, I think people are asking for more!

I also learned that promotional banners are great room dividers to help building a relatively quiet space.

The Saturday was absolutely manic as I had badly misjudged the time I take to deliver a “proper” session. As I want people to really experience and understand the treatment, I do not just stick needles in them so they can see how it feels, I take the time to do a proper diagnosis, explain to them what are the key findings and them treat them. But I really needed more than 25 minutes!

On the Sunday, we revised the slots of the day and extended them to 45 minutes sessions, which were a lot more manageable.Some people were really impressed by the whole thing, especially by the Balance Method Acupuncture of the Dr Tan!

I also had “Tongue readings” services (some readers do palms, I do tongues) for people interested but who might not want needles and were really impressed by what I was telling them about themselves. The best is, as it is a logical medicine system, there is very little margin for error!

Overall the organisation was great and the organisers really nice! I plan to come back to some more of their events as they are quite local to me!

To see when the next ones are:

I will communicate on my Facebook page the ones I am planning to attend.

Thank you for reading!


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