How to live healthy lives from Peter Deadman

A long talk from Peter Deadman about how paying more attention to our lifestyles may help us live healthier and prevent diseases from affecting us. It is very interesting to listen to.

It never cease to amaze me that the deeper i go into Chinese philosophy, past Chinese medicine, qi gong, meditation etc… the more i realise that the baseline of it all is just to take time to listen to ourselves, to others, to our environment, and to live a balanced lifestyle in term of food, exercise, rest, emotions in accordance with the rhythm of nature.

Now, we all have our constraints, paying our bills, being part of society, watching good movies and series and such, and of course not many of us want to go live like hermits in the woods (which might not be there much longer anyway…) BUT every step we take towards living a more balanced life makes a change for the better.

Hopefully at some point, we can all share the little steps each has taken to reach this goal and take example on each other. Reconnect as humans, animals and loving & living beings of the planet we are all on.

Here is the video:


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