Survey about acupuncture

Hi, it has been a while!
Here are the results of the survey carried out last summer in the UK!

I would like to give a big Thank you to all of the 58 participants, half of whom never had acupuncture. This confirmed some very important points to treat my patients with optimal care!

One of the main finding is about the perception of acupuncture between people who already had at least one session and people who never had acupuncture before.


Educating people about acupuncture, how it works, feels and what it can treat seem to be a very important task of every acupuncturist in the UK as it was most frequently qualified as “Painful” (38%) and “Mysterious” (31%) by people who never had acupuncture while those who already had at least one session found it “Relaxing” (55%) and “Logical” (31%).

The same difference can be observed when examining what prevents people from seeing an acupuncturist. 45% of those who never had a session said that they were scared, 21% did not know what it can treat and 10% think it too expensive in general. In comparison, 60% of those who had at least one session said that they enjoyed their acupuncture and made time for it, 21% are too busy and 10% find it too expensive.


Regarding the effectiveness of acupuncture, 92% of those who had acupuncture said it helped in resolving their problem.


The acupuncture needle seem to be an important aspect which deters people from trying acupuncture, although the acupuncture needles are similar to a cat’s whisker, 41% of the respondents do not feel more comfortable knowing this. Therefore, if the patient does not ask about the needles, do not spend the whole session talking about them!


Price wise, 54% of the respondents think that £35 is a good price for an hour-long session at a fortnightly, monthly or quarterly frequency; while 30% think £45 is acceptable for a monthly session. Only 14% selected £25 as a correct price for a session.
This tends to show that acupuncture is seen more on par with spa or massage treatment than an actual therapy for strong pain or acute / chronic conditions.


Regarding the place to get the acupuncture, people generally do no care as long as the environment is safe and convenient (37.5%), with 21% of respondent selecting a dedicated room at the acupuncturist’s house.


For the acupuncturist’s clothes, 45% prefer to see their therapist dressed in a specific tunic while 32% would not mind a shirt and jeans.


During the session, people like to listen to zen music (34%), talk to their therapist (27%) or smelling essential oils (17%). This shows that placing the patient in a relaxing environment and listening to what they have to say is an important part of the treatment itself!

On a different angle, when people are suffering or in pain they want to be cared for (36%), to have some time alone (21%) or to be listened to (20%). Linking with the previous point, giving the option to your patient to relax quietly can sometimes be better and more relaxing than chatting all the time.


In term of demographics, 39% of respondent are under 30, 43% between 31 and 45 and 18% are 46+.
70% of respondents are women and 30% are men, for some reason, women are more attracted to acupuncture than men.


To finish on a good note, 96% of the respondents found the questionnaire clear and useful. Thank you again to those who participated!

thank you



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