Life offline : The new hype of 2017

A  new consumer trend report shows that slowing down is a definite 2017 trend.

While looking busy 24/7 and working to the point of burnout might have been fashionable in the post-crisis period, now is the time to enjoy life.

“Global consumers strongly feel the need for direction and meaning in life.”

“Mindfulness, hygge, spirituality – or whatever you want to call it, this slow way of living is becoming popular and legitimised as consumers seek permission to pause and recharge. Having enough rest will become the new badge of honour and we will see an increase in consumers openly sharing their unstructured downtime with their friends, family and wider social networks.”

– Foresight Factory 2016

No need to have tons of cash, a brand new car and a hectic social life to enjoy life to its fullest. Simply spend some time with your loved ones, friends, family, pets…

In an age where technological progress is king, re-connecting and re-establishing face to face contact is key to happiness. Who needs long chats or long emails when all you need is a hug? Why verbalise everything when doing something, cooking, drinking a hot chocolate, walking in the woods or in town, reading in bed… can be a perfect way of spending some time with someone without anything being said.

With social media, we voice our opinions all the time, but who really listens? Who takes the time and care to truly listen?

70% of communication is non-verbal, which is lost when chatting. We listen with our ears but we listen with our other senses as well, we can feel the other person, what they emit, the impression they give us. Your friend talking about their crazy nights out or expensive dinners with a high pitch and tense voice? not sure they are very happy deep down, might be worth listening some more, showing some genuine care and asking the real questions.

As a therapist I see a lot of patients who, outside the treatment room, appear strong and smiling and, from the outside, everything seems fine. But once within the closed space of the treatment room I see many shoulders collapse (or not, because of the constant tension), I hear many saying that they are exhausted, they just wish life would slow down so that they could snuggle in a bed and sleep.

As an acupuncturist, the first part of the diagnosis is to identify what is going on at the moment with the patient and in the patient’s life. More than what is being said, I listen to their tone of voice, look at their posture and their face. There are many clues beyond words.

Acupuncture is a great therapy to slow down the pace of life, away from all of the usual noise and turmoil, it is a unique opportunity to relax; so much that most people doze off on the couch!
After the diagnosis and explaining the treatment to the patient, I usually get on with needling, sometimes talking about the properties of such and such point, sometimes remaining silent and just letting the patient relax.

I tend to remain in the same room as the patient for the whole duration of the treatment, I prefer to supervise how it is going and also to reassure the patient by being there, should they need something. I am also there to listen, if they wish to speak, most of the time it is about lifestyle and how they are trying to improve it.

So, if you need a You moment, come in for an acupuncture session. Not only does it relax you, it also makes you better minded and more emotionally accepting in everyday life.

One of my patient said to me: “My colleagues were asking why I was not stressed this week, they wanted to know the secret behind it!”

The main concept behind Chinese Medicine is to be in Harmony, with yourself, with the environment and the cycle of the seasons.
The Yellow Emperor said (in a book written 2,000 years ago, about a time 2,000 years prior) that modern men (4,000 BCE) had lost their connection with nature and the environment…
I wonder what he would say today seeing the pace at which we live, the way we torture our body, ingesting food that is full of synthesised chemicals and wasting our lives away to generate profit that do not profit to anyone beside those too rich to care about money.

It is up to each and everyone of us to find the harmony in our lives, and for this purpose, the first person we need to listen to and care for, is ourselves.

Love yourself and love others, this is a good way to get started!

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