Acupuncture, What the pros do


Since my last article I had the privilege of being treated by Stephanie from One Hundred Paths Acupuncture!

Feeling a bit down and depleted for a few weeks, I decided that I needed to treat myself to some acupuncture.

I regularly do some self-treatment, however we have only started the differentiation / diagnostic part of the course. Therefore, I was most interested in the diagnostic I would receive coming from a long established practitioner.

Aside from personal health benefits, this session would also provide me with a unique perspective on how Steph was running her sessions for first time patients.

First was a short form / disclaimer stating that I understood what acupuncture was about and agreed to receive treatment. This was followed by an in-depth questioning about why I was coming to see her, what was my lifestyle, diet, how is the environment I work in etc…
Then she took my (Chinese Medicine) pulse and observed my tongue.
The diagnostic was that I had some Cold in me.


I refer here to the notion of Cold in Chinese Medicine, which can potentially also come with a common cold. In this instance my symptoms were different.

The cold had certainly come from the time spent at work as I am under two main air conditioning vents and usually do not wear any scarf around my neck.
The air conditioning is one main factor why people fall sick in the summer months, as there is a brutal change of temperature when coming from the outside.
The air conditioning system is blowing some air (Wind) and is usually cool (Cold). As our air conditioning does not work that well, it is usually freezing.
In Chinese Medicine the Wind invades the body via the head or neck, often inviting Cold or other “evils” as is usually said in Chinese Medicine.


Here the Wind Cold must have invaded the body because of the extreme air conditioning and have transformed into an internal Cold, causing some aches, stiff muscles, blocked jaw, rigid neck and cold intestines.

From the eight principles, the diagnostic must have been:
– Interior
– Cold
– Deficiency
– Yang

So basically too much Cold inside and not enough energy / fire / yang for my body to regulate itself.

Proceeding to the treatment, I first got a back treatment of the five Yin organs using corresponding points (back Shu) along the spine.
This is used to boost all the organs in a general manner and re-balance them.

Then the needles on the back were removed and some points on the front were treated. It was mainly some energy (Stomach, Spleen and Kidney points on the legs) and some local points (GB12 to expel the Wind Cold from my right ear and LI10 for my right arm because of the sword fighting).
In addition to the needles, a heat lamp was used on my belly to remove the cold trapped there and some moxa cones were placed on some of the leg points.

During the whole session, Steph monitored my Chinese Medicine pulse to see the effect of the needles and lamp in re-balancing my body.

After the treatment, she also gave me some homework to do in term of diet (warm breakfast with seed/nut proteins and some warming spices like cinnamon). Also since I was a bit down in energy and had some Cold in my body, another thing to do at home was to warm a specific acupuncture point with moxa stick for 10 minutes everyday.I was shown the location of the point during the treatment and I later received an email with a video showing how to find the point.


Moxa is quite easy to use, you light it over a candle (smokeless moxa can take a few minutes) and you apply the heat on the targeted area, 1 or 2 inches away from your skin.

The next treatment was scheduled in three weeks time, to check on me and finalise the treatment.

So far some good results:
The cold in my stomach disappeared right after the treatment, I also felt re-energised.
I noticed that I needed to apply the moxa regularly, as I failed to do my homework for the next two days and the blue colour under the eyes came back.

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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