Wing Chun – nurturing body, mind & energy

Further to my previous article about preserving and nurturing our own energy, I decided to make the jump and walk the talk.

Currently in an office job, I spend 8 to 10 hours a day sat on a chair staring at a computer screen while torturing my back and distorting my shoulder by using a computer mouse.

Over the past months it has become harder and harder to be in a good shape. Strong will and determination kept me going but I could feel my reserves draining. Up to a point where I fell sick, for several weeks.

Those who know me know that I never fall sick (usually once a year) and that it never lasts more than 3 days.

Therefore, to regain that vitality, I needed a plan, I needed to move.

I hesitated a long time to subscribe to the gym, but although it strengthens the body, it lacks the energetic dimension.
My (wonderful) wife found a kung fu class after looking at the activities available around our place.

I got in touch with the chief instructor and was invited to a two class trial period.

It turned out to be a perfect match, exactly what I was looking for.

Already doing mixed steel martial arts I wanted a sport or activity that would strengthen my body instead of putting strain on it. In this, the Wing Chun kung fu is perfect.

The course is structured in a way that allow you to work your body, clarify your mind and replenish your energy.

The first part of the class is warm-up and exercise for about 30 minutes. The Tuesday is focused on legs while the Thursday is focused on core (abs) training. All parts of the body are worked out and nicely stretched as it is mainly based on boxing / kung fu moves.

The second part is the technical part, good execution of the techniques requires perfect concentration. This contributes to clearing your mind and focusing on the “now”. Some techniques and forms can be physical to perform so this part is in the continuity of the workout but more specific.

The third and final part of the class is the relaxation and Qiqong. After a good session it is essential to dissipate the tension and release the energy accumulated. This is a privileged time to focus on feeling your energy and balancing it.

Only three classes in and I can already feel a change. I feel more dynamic, my mind clearer and my vitality brighter.

Plus, the two instructors and the other students are really nice! This contributes to making the Wing Chun kung fu classes a really good place to have a nice time!

If you want to learn more about this art, you can watch the Ip Man (2008) movie. Or go on to the website of the club! ( They also have great videos on Youtube (

How about you? How do you resource yourself?

See you next time!

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