A therapist for the therapist (or how to protect your energy)

Although you might think this article more relevant to therapists, everyone is welcome to read it!
Today’s topic is about preserving and nurturing your own energy as you interact with other people and the outside world.

Have you ever been to a place that left you uncomfortable for no reason? Have you felt overwhelmed in a shopping mall even when not so crowded? Do you sometimes feel like your colleague is draining you of your energy?

This would be because our energy is affected by the energies present in our environment, be it people or places. Becoming and being aware of this, requires a subtle shift in awareness to bring the perception of this energy from our subconscious to our conscious mind.

As a therapist is it very important to be aware of the energies present in our environment. For example, a patient is suffering from depression or has been very sick for an extended period of time and come to see you for a treatment.
After a good session of let’s say acupuncture and some energy work, the patient feels lighter and even started to smile. They leave your home thanking you for already feeling a bit better.

Now, in between patients, it is essential to cleanse the room from the residual negative energy the previous patient brought with them, but even more essential is to cleanse yourself from that negative energy.
This is especially true in the case of manual therapy, energy or spiritual healing, it is possible that you, the therapist have taken in quite a bit of that negative energy.
If you carry on without doing anything, you very likely might fall sick before the week is out! Also, the next patient might be affected as well and experience an unpleasant feeling or be unable to relax during the treatment.

If you want to make sure you can keep up treating patients on the long run, taking care of and nurturing your vital/ positive energy will go a long way!

There are many methods available for energy cleansing. All you need to do is choose the one that feels right to you!

Two things are to consider, your treatment space and yourself.

For the environment you treat people in:

The best scenario is full customisation, having a room that vibrate healing and positive healing vibes and make it easy for your patients (and yourself) to relax and feel energised.
If you are renting a therapy room to treat your patients and are not allowed or do not have a lot of time to harmonise it, you can bring some small supporting accessories (picture of your family, crystal angel, favourite mug, Georgie the stuffed poodle…) to put in the room to make it more “yours”.
Having an environment that resonates with you helps supporting your inner energy, same as coming back “home” (a place where you feel at ease and can resource yourself) from a hard day of work, or life.

For yourself:

In order to cleanse, balance or replenish your energy after a session with a patient or just a day at work, many routes can be taken.

The scope range from physical activities to mental activities.

– Physical activities: this includes any type of sport or gym routine you can do within your available time. (press-ups, squats, kata, stretching, boxing…)
– Physical & mental: this includes meditative physical activities such as yoga, Qiqong, Tai Chi, forest walks, relaxation, taking a shower, washing your hands…
– Mental activities: covers methods such as visualisation, meditation, smoke cleansing, candle lighting, praying…

Practising these on a regular basis will help increase the amount of energy you can hold as well as strengthening its quality. For energy workers, it is essential to tap into a source of energy other than your own to treat patients, otherwise there is a real risk to feel depleted very quickly.

At the beginning, it is easy to forget to do these things, just because “I don’t have time”, “the other patients are waiting”, “I am too tired”; it is also possible that the cleansing technique takes time for you to master so that it can cope with the number of patients and balance out the negative energy left behind.
In this case, the best thing to do is to go see another therapist and have them recharge your batteries. It is also good to be reminded how good it feels to be treated and have some “pamper time” for yourself!

Last weekend, I followed my own advice and went to see a therapist I know that practise a unique form of healing combining Chinese medicine, energy work and massage; it was amazing and very refreshing! I felt really energised after this session and am planning to go back for more sessions on a regular basis.

Hope you enjoyed the read! Feel free to come back to check if any new article has popped up!

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