The Power of the Human Touch…

…(or compassionate touch from another living being)


For this second article on this blog I have decided to write about the power of the human touch (or the compassionate touch from another living being).

This topic arose as many amongst our group of students have felt differences in the acupuncture treatments when we do self-treatments and when we treat someone else.

Now, in all interactions with another living being, there is an exchange that occurs, be it chemical signals, bacteria, body electricity, magnetism or energy.
When we don’t feel great we usually have someone that will try to make us feel better (be it the dog coming for a cuddle, a relative or friend, our favourite plushy or an affectionate spider).
Just by this display of affection and physical touch, pain and sorrow / distress will alleviate.

The key is the genuine care for the other person.

Placed in a therapeutic context, (i.e. acupuncture) when self treating, you are actioning mechanical treatment levers and feeding your own energy to yourself.
The treatment will take effect and the condition dissipate.
However when self-treating, I do not feel the “boost” I do when someone else is healing me.

When the therapist genuinely care for their patients, the exchange of energy is more important and the healing (acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy) more effective.
From personal experience, I feel more relaxed and good in my body after such a treatment.

For me a treatment or healing is composed of several things:
– the therapeutic technique used
– the intention of the therapist
– the quality of the energy of the therapist

Being treated by therapists that are caring for their patients, masters of their arts and emit good energy are key factors to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment.

Have you ever felt a difference in effectiveness for a same treatment with two different therapists?
Feel free to share your experiences!

Thank you for reading!
See you next time!

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